About Us

Established in 1982, MTG is an institution whose sole aim is to enable students to rise to their potential in the key areas of Science, Mathematics, English and Computers.

MTG provides student-centered educational approaches and support. It does this by producing and publishing relevant, exam appropriate course materials and workbooks which enable students to self-pace, self-study and self-evaluate their knowledge and grasp over their course matter and syllabus.

That MTG’s formula-for-success works is proven by the fact that over one crore students have benefitted by their guidebooks and workbooks which are now available in many countries.

MTG is also very popular among institutes for providing INSTITUTIONAL CLASSROOM STUDY MATERIAL. Many institutes buy these material from MTG to distribute that among their students. This enable them focus more on teaching without wasting time in creating reading content, test papers, model tests. etc.

MTGCOACH is MTG’s initiative that allows MTG books users to read books online. Institutes can also buy multiple ecopies on discount and  distribute among their students.

You may check the complete catalogue here.