What MTGcoach.online offers?
MTGCoach.online is MTG Learning Media Pvt Ltd’s Digital Book Store. It offers MTG’s Books in online reading mode.

In what format books are available?
The digital books available here are in PDF format. The book is exactly similar to the hardcopy in appearance. These books you can read on your laptop and mobile screen.

Can I download and print these books?
No, these books are available to read on screen only. You can neither download nor print these books.

How do I access the ebook?
After receiving your email for order confirmation, please use the below mentioned process to access your ebook on www.mtgcoach.online.
Login to www.mtgcoach.online → Click on “My Study Resource” → Apply the “Access Code” in Text Box → Click Access Link under “Resource” Column

Please check this video for understanding the complete process:

I bought the book from my mobile, can I read the same on my Laptop?
Yes you can read the ebook on any device by loging in with your username and password. But you cannot read the book on two device on at same time. If you log in with a username and password on your laptop and simultaneously log in  on another system with came username password, you will be automatically logged out from former device.

If I bought one copy can I share the same with my friend?
You can share the same with your friend only when you share your login credentials with you friend. On every page there is a watermark having the name and email id of purchaser, if any illegal distribution or activity is observed, MTG is free to take legal action against the purchaser. Hence, you are advised not to share your credentials with anyone.

I have an institute and want to share the content with 20 students, what is the provision?
These ebooks are available as email based online licenses. If you want to distribute among your students, we would suggest you to buy 20 copies. You will get 20 Access Codes which you can share with your students. Your students will apply respective code and there ebook resource will be available in My Account < My Study Resource section.

Why there are min quantity mentioned on some products?
There are some products which are not available for single purchase. These need to be bought in atleast the number mentioned with the product. You are not allowed to purchase that ebook in quantity less than the “min quantity”.

If I order 10 different books, I will get 1 code to access all the books or 10 different access codes?
Every access code is linked to one copy of ebook. If you order 10 difference books, you will get 10 different codes. Apply each code you will be able to access the corresponding book.

I have an institute and want to share the content with 20 students, what is the provision?
Please add 20 units of that product in your cart and buy. You will get 20 access codes which you can distribute among your students. They need to create account on mtgcoach.online and apply the access code. Each access code is for one time use only.

Your books are very impressive. Can I have these books in hard copy?
These ebooks are available in hardcopy too. You are requested to visit MTG’s Physical Books Store on www.mtg.in
For bulk requirements you may contact our sales team on 0124-6601200 or write us on info@mtg.in