Return and Cancellation Policy

MTG coach T&C*. is an eBook reading platform of MTG Learning Media Pvt. Ltd. This website is designed for buying eBooks (digital books) only, and in no circumstances, paperback (physical) books can be shipped to the order.

Return, Cancellation& refund.

Return & refund-
1. The eBooks can only be returned and refunded within 3 days post purchase/activation.
2. In case of Duplicate orders, the refund for the latest bought order will be refunded if* the buyer successfully provides the necessary information such as order numbers and transaction detail of all the duplicate purchases.

Please be attentive, the purchases on eBooks rarely has a return, cancellation or refund policy.

1. The eBooks are made non-downloadable and non-printable, ensuring our privacy policy doesn’t get exploited. In case of any confusion relatable to this issue, the eBooks will not be refunded.
2. The reader can only read the book in an online format. The books can’t be accessed in offline mode. Data connectivity is required to access readability on all the eBooks.

1. The eBook can be accessed uncountable times until the termination period. To read the eBook after the termination date, the reader has to redeem the service.
2. A reader can access eBooks only on a single device at once. To log in on another device, you will have to log out from the first device. Multiple user access isn’t allowed.