Class 6 : Foundation Course – Science


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Foundation courses Science comprises of separate sections of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It covers complete NCERT syllabus with comprehensive theory and illustrations. Useful facts and information in competition window and Do you know? Sections enhance knowledge base of students for competitive exam preparations. Concept map and Activity corner given in book act as recapitulation tool and helps in boosting practical knowledge of students. MCQs (Level wise) and subjective questions (inclusive of VSA, SA, and LA) are present to give enough question practice not only for base class level but also for JEE Main preparation.
Integer/Numerical value type questions and 2 practice papers followed with detailed solutions gives students preparation for JEE Main/NEET Syllabus.
The salient features of MTG Foundation Course Science are:
Detailed Theory with illustrations as per NCERT syllabus
Covers NCERT syllabus along with its solved Exercises
Competition window to give extra bit of JEE
Concept Map for easy recapitulation.
Activity corner for boosting practical knowledge.
MCQs (Level wise) and subjective questions (inclusive of VSA, SA, and LA)
Numerical value type questions as per JEE Main Syllabus
2 practice papers followed with detailed solutions for JEE preparation.

Table of Content:
1. Motion and Measurement of Distances
2. Light, Shadows and Reflections
3. Electricity and Circuits
4. Fun with Magnets

5. Sorting Materials into Groups
6. Separation of Substances
7. Changes Around Us

8. Food : Where Does it Come From?
9. Components of Food
10. Fibre to Fabric
11. Getting to Know Plants
12. Body Movements
13. The Living Organisms-Characteristics and Habitats
14. Water
15. Air Around Us
16. Garbage In, Garbage Out
Practice Papers


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