10 Very Similar Practice Sets NEET PCB


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The book “10 Very Similar Practice Sets” by MTG is designed for NEET exam question practice. It contains 10 model test papers to solve and practice to understand exam pattern. It helps to identify and self-analyze the preparation for the main exam. After every practice set, OMR sheet is given to practice OMR filling and mark your answers as main exam. At the end of the book hint and explanation of all the practice set is given to check and rectify the errors made during paper solving. This book also incorporates the exclusively solved NEET 2019 exam papers. So, practice a complete set of 10 question paper sets to self-analyze NEET exam preparation.

Content :-

  • Practice Set-1
  • Practice Set-2
  • Practice Set-3
  • Practice Set-4
  • Practice Set-5
  • Practice Set-6
  • Practice Set-7
  • Practice Set-8
  • Practice Set-9
  • Practice Set-10
  • Hints and Explanations

Expired date 31st July 2022


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