Class 1 : Olympiad Prep-Guide English


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Especially and uniquely designed to help Olympiad aspirants, Olympiad Prep Guide English is a one stop solution to fulfil all your requirements for IEO. This series will help the students attain better understanding and master their grasp of English. The books will enhance the knowledge of grammar rules and exceptions with the help of examples and various exercises.

Salient features of the book consist of Detailed Theory enriched with pictures, tables and examples. Olympiad Bite has unique facts and extra bits. Self Test to track your progress. Exercise with different types of questions to practice. Achievers Section to develop analytical and application skills. IEO topic wise questions. Two Model Test Papers included. Answer Key with every chapter for quick review.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 : Nouns
Chapter 2 : Nouns (One and Many)
Chapter 3 : Feminine and Masculine
Chapter 4 : Animal World
Chapter 5 : Pronouns
Chapter 6 : Verbs
Chapter 7 : Adjectives
Chapter 8 : Articles A, An, The
Chapter 9 : Prepositions
Chapter 10 : Conjunctions
Chapter 11 : Adverbs
Chapter 12 : Tenses
Chapter 13 : Comprehension
Chapter 14 : Spoken and Written Expression
Chapter 15 : Picture Quiz
SOF-IEO Model Test Paper-1
SOF-IEO Model Test Paper-2
SOF International English Olympiad 2021